Cause Related Marketing Program



A CRMP is any “cause-related” corporate fund raising effort in which HSF
benefits financially through a third party point of sale like a retailer, consumer
goods producer. In return, the organization is granted permission to use
HSF’s name/image to create goodwill for their company through marketing,
promotion, and advertising vehicles. Each corporate partner is unique and we
strive to create innovative, tailored programs based on their individual interests
and priorities in order to achieve business objectives.


Our goal is to develop sustainable, integrated, long term relationships with
corporations. CRMPs are often developed as annual promotions designed
to build equity and results for the company and HSF year after year. HSF
aims to ensure that all CRMPs educate Manitobans about heart disease and
stroke and generate significant funds in support of our mission. A CRMP may
be the starting point for an integrated relationship that will ultimately be
complemented by an additional event and/or health promotion sponsorship.
This creates a long term alliance with consumers in terms of cause related

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